Parent Testimonials
Charlette Squyres
My son are in their second year at CCS and they have been thoroughly blessed by the God-centered atmosphere found here. Not only does the teaching staff nurture their intellect with a challenging curriculum that provides an excellent foundation for their future aducational andeavors, but they also nuture their heart and soul by providing a loving anviroment salted by Godly influence in all they do.
Aaron Laughlin
Cornerstone is truly the cornerstone of my sonís education. The teachers care about him, not just his grades. They enjoy teaching and love my son. The teachers have fun with him and bring out the best in him and help him improve the characteristics that are not as strong. We love Cornerstone and canít dream of a better place for our kids.
My daughter has attended CCs for several years now. We are very impressed at her level of education. She gets to express her love and faith in the Lord and she enjoys learning about what the Lord has for her. I am pleased at the student-teacher ratio. I know she is getting the best education as well as the Christian morals and values
Brian and Traci Huff
It is so hard to sum up what Cornerstone Christian School means to our family. When our first son finished kindergarten, we were not satisfied with the elementary school in which district lines placed us. After home-schooling him for a year, we realized that we would not be able to continue doing so. We knew we wanted a nurturing environment that would give our son a firm foundation of Bible knowledge and faith application, but we did not have a lot of money for a private school. Driving down Barrow St. one day and discussing our situation, we caught a glimpse of Cornerstone Christian School. My husband then remembered that he knew one of the board members. He pulled out his cell phone and gave him a call, (we were now sitting in the parking lot). After that phone conversation, we just felt like God was drawing us in. We could hardly wait to speak to Mrs. Russell and find out more. Long story short, we not only enrolled Cody, but found that our younger son, Jacob, had a place in Pre-K. What a blessing the Cornerstone family has been; our children feel loved here and are growing academically, spiritually, and socially.
These are just a few of our favorite things about Cornerstone. First, the atmosphere at Cornerstone is filled with the Spirit of God. There is a peace over that campus which is revealed through the kids and embodied by Mrs. Russell. It thrills our hearts to hear our children memorizing God's Word and learning how to apply it to life. Second, I know the teachers
and the teachers' aides genuinely care for each student. They take the time to remember every student by name. That is every student in the school, not just in their class. They also know the kids strengths and weaknesses. Once known, they encourage them to
improve upon both. Third, they discipline out of love and conviction. I have often heard staff use scripture in a gentle, caring way to show the children their mistake or how to correct it. Finally, my husband and I feel that Cornerstone Christian School wants our children to be the very best God created them to be, and that is after all what we want for them.
Thank you Cornerstone for allowing us to be a part of this family. You had a special place in our hearts.
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